Oban and Isle of Seil

The harbor area of Oban is refreshing and quaint. Be sure to grab a take-away latte or fish and chips to bring to the port, and enjoy the mirror images of the boats reflect across harbor. We visited McCaig’s Tower to see a panoramic view of the port and city. In the picture above, you … Continue reading Oban and Isle of Seil


R&R in the Cape

The Cape is a quintessential vacation spot for New Englanders. Before I was born, my family used to make the venture on an annual basis to the Lewis Bay in South Yarmouth, however when I started university, the vacationing ebbed. Much of it contributed to changes occurring in the family-dynamic, and being genuinely occupied with … Continue reading R&R in the Cape

Stepping Stones at the Giants Causeway

Long, long ago a volcano erupted and brought about one of the most popular modern day attractions in the UK/EU. In 1986, it was established as a UNESCO World heritage site and is a natural wonder of the world. The basalt hexagon rocks are incredible, and incredibly slick. The water swarms through the stacked rocks and … Continue reading Stepping Stones at the Giants Causeway

Vandalized in Pompeii

When I first visited the ancient remnants of Pompeii in 2013, I was astonished by the lack of security and sources of conservation. Unfortunately, as I admired the frescoes, cobbled streets, columns, I recognized evident signs of rampant vandalism and destruction blatantly created by the tourists. I worried I wasn’t allowed to explore certain areas I … Continue reading Vandalized in Pompeii

The City with a Big Heart

I'm a recent graduate, and in-between working full-time, exploring and yes, figuring IT out. I am functionless without coffee. I frequently carry a writing journal with me, and have a passion for traveling, art, nature, and semi-sweet white wines. While I attended university, I double majored in Art History and Asian Studies, with a minor in English. I intend … Continue reading The City with a Big Heart