A Field Trip to Archaeological Conflict Sites

As I’m planning to focus my dissertation on (cue the drum roll, please) HERITAGE my academic advisers in the International Relations program are allowing me to focus 3 of my 6 courses on art and material culture/heritage/archaeology. I'm currently taking a Battlefield Archaeological course on Art and War, and was invited me to come on … Continue reading A Field Trip to Archaeological Conflict Sites


Enjoying Edinburgh

Well, I’ve moved in to the wonderful city of Glasgow. I’m fairly settled in. Postgraduate classes at University of Glasgow are due to start next week - of course I'm excited and nervous. I'm starting afresh by studying for a Masters of Science in International Relations. It's been a whole year since I graduated from my undergrad. … Continue reading Enjoying Edinburgh

Up, up, and away

I have always held onto a fascination with the craft of writing. Perhaps it's the interaction of dialogue, reflections, characters and landscape. A pen and paper has always coaxed me to - unwind, interpret, reflect and uncover tales and narratives hidden amidst my imagination. Whenever I travel, I search for the ideal journal. The unequivocally, … Continue reading Up, up, and away

“The Way, the Truth, the Life”

Warning: the text ahead is a personal post, however it does discuss the details of my next adventure for the upcoming year. In a matter of six days, I’ll be flying out of New York City toward Glasgow, UK to be a Masters student for a full year. Yeah, you read that correctly. If it’s … Continue reading “The Way, the Truth, the Life”